[Taiwan Spotlight] 4/22 World Earth Day Taiwan animal activists meet leaders and delivers advice on animal protection education

The picture shows that on World Earth Day 2020, representatives of Taiwan’s environmental protection and animal protection groups reported to Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen the conclusion of the “Taiwan NGOs Environmental Conference”, which will be carried out on a routine basis in 2021. Taken from the Internet

Yesterday was Earth Day. Twelve environmental protection groups and animal protection groups in Taiwan entered the office of the leader of the Taiwan region as a rule, reported the conclusions of the “Taiwan NGOs Environmental Conference” and made suggestions. This year, the animal protection groups that participated in this year, including the Association for Life Sciences, the Society of Animal Society, and the Union of Animal Protection Administrative Supervision, and the three groups put forward 8 issues on the two major projects of ecological conservation policy and animal protection education.

The four issues that belong to the ecological conservation policy are:
1. In Taiwan’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an “animal protection” project has been added as a core target and specific target.
The sponsor, Caring Life Association, stated that Taiwan has set 18 core goals with reference to the United Nations sustainable development goals. Humans and animals share the world. The survival crisis and welfare quality of animals are closely related to humans. Therefore, animal protection groups are advocating animal protection. In addition to the constitution, it is recommended that the 19th item “Animal Protection” be added to Taiwan’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2. Establish a central animal forensic identification center.
The Animal Protection Administrative Supervision Union, the sponsoring unit, maintains that the Taiwan government is obliged to establish a credible third-party animal forensic system to professionalize the identification of animal cruelty.

3. Implement a dog group management policy centered on the village.
The animal protection and administrative supervision alliance of the proposing unit suggested that the most basic administrative unit village should be used to promote the management of the whole Taiwan’s dog population. The matters include (1) inventory the number of stray dogs and various derived problems; (2) inventory the domestic dogs Issues related to the source of animal protection laws such as the number and the number of dog-raising households; (3) Subsidies for the promotion of sterilization, registration, and education on the responsibility of owners by the village as a unit.

4.The third natural gas receiving station was moved away from the coast and waters of Taoyuan’s Datan Algae Reef.
The Taoyuan Local Alliance hopes to use the opportunity of meeting leaders to build a communication platform with the government and a win-win solution.

The four topics of animal protection education are all put forward by the Association for Life Care. They are:

  1. The topic of “Animal Protection” has been added to the “Twelve-Year National Basic Education Curriculum”.
  2. Annual survey, evaluation, and publication of the animal topic content of the 12-year national education textbook and the application of animal protection education textbooks in schools.
  3. Promote animal protection education with the “whole school approach”.
  4. The “Environmental Education Personnel Certification and Management Measures” added “Animal Protection” as the professional field of environmental education and teaching personnel.

Although the “Animal Protection Law” has clearly stipulated that animal protection should be included in the 12-year national basic education syllabus, in fact, the existing 19 topics do not have animal protection. As a result, animal protection can only be immersed in education. Environmental education, life education, and moral education are among the issues of environmental education, life education, and moral education. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss animal protection as a new topic before the next adjustment of the planning curriculum.
As for whether there are any negative attitudes or descriptions of animal neglect, joking, discrimination, prejudice, etc. in the various versions of the textbooks adopted by the State Education in the current twelve years, the education department should also track the relevant textbooks commissioned and used in schools. .
As the issue of animal protection involves all aspects of the life of school teachers and students, it is recommended to refer to the strategy of the education department’s green school to promote environmental education and sustainable development education, and promote animal protection education in a school-wide approach.
At present, Article 3 of the “Environmental Education Personnel Certification and Management Measures” divides environmental education and teaching personnel into 8 professional fields, including climate change, nature conservation, and pollution prevention. It is recommended to add a ninth item “Animal Protection”.