2017 926 Golden Dog Award

World Dog Alliance focuses on the work on legislation banning dog meat consumption, the “Golden Dog Award” was established in 2015 to encourage animal activists that contribute tremendously to legislating the dog meat ban. The following is a list of the 2017 awardees:


Name Title Award Reason for being awarded
1. Li Jung Feng (李榮峰) Taiwan Not Only Environment Action Team USD 100,000 Taiwan’s Not Only Environment Action Team is consisted of a number of tattooed muscular men, often saving animals being tortured. They are involved in a lot of animal rescue, investigation and enforcement of TNR, education on life education talks, etc.

Taiwan’s legislation of banning dog and cat meat was passed on 11th April. World Dog Alliance is subsidizing N.O.E. ‘s 30 men team to help the Taiwan police to enforce the dog meat ban law.

2. Lu Yu Lun (呂幼綸) Animal Protection Association of the Republic of China Director USD 20,000


Has lots of experience in media in Taiwan, Animal Protection Association of the Reblic’s former deputy secretary general. She established the Taiwan Animal News, raising awareness for animals with animal related news reports.
Ms. Lu has done tremendous work on raising animal welfare. Since 2015, she has been assisting WDA on contacting multiple Taiwan Councilmen/Councilwomen, speeding up the process of legislation the dog meat ban in Taiwan. Legislation was passed on 11th April, 2017, amending the “Animal Protection Law”, banning cat and dog meat.
3. Zhang Xi Ya (張西婭) Animal Activist USD 10,000 In March 2016, Representative of the NPC, Mr. Zheng Xiao He, from Anhui Province, submitted a bill to “Stop dog meat products from entering the food industry”. Among the 400 bills submitted, it was the most popular one, with around 9 million people supporting it, which brought hope to banning dog meat. Ms. Zhang contributed so much for this bill, since 2014, she has been reaching out to over 2,000 Representatives of the NPC to urge them to submit bills to Congress.

In 2015, Mr. Zheng Xiao He accepted her suggestion, resulting in the “Stop dog meat products from entering the food industry” bill being submitted.