Solemn Declaration Support Shanghai as the host city for the “2019 World Dog Show”


World Dog Alliance (WDA) hereby solemnly declares its strong objection to the signature campaign launched through Care2 by dog associations in Europe and the United Kingdom (UK), in a bid to boycotting the 2019 World Dog Show in Shanghai China.


Being the only organization which promotes “Explicit legislation that bans dog meat consumption” in Asian countries, the World Dog Alliance has started to lobby the UK Parliament to discuss about the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea with the view to promote the banning of dog meat consumption since February 2016.  Over 100,000 signatures have been secured at a campaign in the UK in support of the good intention.  The subject was debated at the Westminster on 12 September 2016 and well received by the UK parliament which would by way of diplomacy to pressurize the South Korea government on the dog meat issue. The news was widely covered by mainstream media of the UK, such as the Daily Mirror and The Sun.  This move has aroused related coverage on the subject which include Care2’s “Don’t let China host the 2019 World Dog Show unless it stops Yulin’s dog-meat festivals!” petition.


World Dog Alliance’s mission statement is to promote “Explicit legislation that bans dog meat consumption” in Asian countries in a rational and peaceful manner.  We strongly object drastic actions in boycotting the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea and the 2019 World Dog Show in Shanghai.


  1. There are nearly 100 million dog pets in China, the world third largest, second to the United States and Brazil. It has been mentioned in a documentary movie produced by the World Dog Alliance “Victory Cry” that the number of dog eaters is about 20% of the total population in China. This percentage is distributed amongst the impoverished and backward regions of China.  Chinese people residing in the cities and the educated have no habits of consuming dog meat. In contrast, they treasure dogs as pets and treat them as family members.


Staging the 2019 World Dog Show in Shanghai is a great opportunity in bringing about a change of the dog eating habits of some Chinese.  We should fully utilize this platform for promoting and enlightening them the importance of “love for animals and banning of dog meat consumption” as a significant symbol of a civilized society.


  1. The deputy of the National People’s Congress, Mr. Zheng Xiaohe led 30 fellow deputies in submitting a bill of “Forbidding the import of dog and cat meat produce to the food markets” on 5 March 2016.  This motion ranked first amongst the 426 proposed motions and gained the applause of over 9 million people from the public.  Evidently, banning dog meat consumption is the people’s common aspiration. The World Dog Alliance and Mr. Zheng have reached a consensus, and will jointly organize a “Regional Legislation Forum” in Anhui province, the hometown of Mr. Zheng in November 2016.  Regional deputies of the National People’s Congress and Chinese government officials will be invited to attend the forum. It is hoped that Auhui can become the role model and the first province in China to legislate against dog meat consumption.


The 2019 World Dog Show will surely help the Shanghai government realize the importance of such legislation and motivate it in establishing a strong foundation for the legislation across the whole country.


  1. On 26 September 2015, the World Dog Alliance organized the first “926 Dog Lovers’ Day” in Hong Kong. Many pro-animal protectionists from Taiwan participated in the event and took the lead in campaigning the legislation of banning the eating of dog and cat meat in Taiwan. On 16 May 2016, World Dog Alliance hosted a summit and exchanged thoughts on legislation with a few legislators and leaders of animal organizations in Taiwan. Subsequently on 7 July 2016, the Legislative Yuan passed the first reading of the bill concerning the prohibition of cat and dog meat consumption was passed in Taiwan.

The World Dog Alliance is organizing the “926 Dog Lovers’ Day” in Taiwan on 26 September 2016 with the hopes that legislation will be passed in Taiwan by the end of 2016.  Legislation in Taiwan will be a beacon of hope for advocators of animal protection and the prohibition of dog meat consumption.  The organization of the 2019 World Dog Show in Shanghai is also an opportunity for a fruitful exchange with the Chinese Government officials on the “Explicit legislation that bans dog meat consumption”.


  1. The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is totally inhumane and has caused adverse impact on the reputation of China.  This message has been strongly stated and delivered in “Victory Cry”, a documentary movie produced by the World Dog Alliance.  We should utilize the 2019 World Dog Show in Shanghai as a valuable opportunity to reinforce the strong urge on the Yulin Government to ban the Dog Meat Festival and replace it with the Dog Show.


  1. It is believed that the use of radical means to boycott China in organizing such meaningful and impactful event would be of no use. On the contrary, it will provoke the Chinese public to act otherwise and hinder the work of the World Dog Alliance to peacefully promote the “Explicit legislation that bans dog meat consumption” campaign in China.


The World Dog Alliance calls for the international animal protection organizations and the people advocating the same to understand its good intention. Let’s join hands to promote the “Explicit legislation that bans dog meat consumption”.  This is the effective means to combat against the fundamental problem.
“Instead of cursing the darkness, why not light a candle?”

  • World Dog Alliance Founder   Genlin

16th September, 2016