China Focus – 19 Days Alone

A puppy in Shanghai was alone at home for 19 days, after its owners were tested positive for Covid-19.

Before the owners left for isolation, they dumped all their dog food on the floor, filled a basin with clean mineral water and asked the neighbourhood council to leave some ham and sausages for their dog. 

They were so worried about their dog at the quarantine facility because they had no idea when they could go home. They could only monitor the situation remotely with the surveillance camera at home.

The owners finally went home after 19 days. During this period of time, the dog became the most popular dog on the Internet. It didn’t destroy any furniture, make the place dirty or bring troubles to the neighbourhood. It only waited for its owners to come back.

People were amazed with its well-behaved manner. Some said dogs spend 80% of their time waiting. They wait for their owners to spend time with them every day. The companionship brings dogs happiness.

Editor’s notes:

The dog was very lucky that animal welfare groups worked so hard to give  companion animals a chance to survive during the outbreak of COVID-19, and that they were not subjected to forceful sterilisation or home culling as they had been previously. After a long wait of 19 days, it was reunited with its owners finally.

It is believed that the dog did not understand what was going on, whether it was a temporary separation or a permanent abandonment. He was just waiting, as he always does, for his owner to return. The World Dog Alliance would like to urge you not to abandon your companion animal, no matter what happens. Once chosen, it is a lifetime of responsibility!